Analytics Tab

The Analytics Tab exists on all agency and company profile pages and can be used to obtain more data on an agency you want to do business with or the companies that are your competitors.

Agency Analytics

Spending by Threshold - Shows you the agencies spending throughout different thresholds per line item in the database.

Spending by Month - Keeping track of an agency's spend by month can let you know when they most often buy, if they've just spent a lot, or if they haven't bought anything in a while.

Spending by Location - See where Federal agencies have been spending their money based on location. See what their focus is so you can target that sale.

Top Companies - Know the top companies an agency has purchased from in the past and you'll know who they are likely to purchase from again.

Company Analytics

Sales by Year - Track a company's sales by year

Top Government Customers by Dollar Amount - See where your competitors have been winning their sales. Know which agencies they've gotten deals from and know which agencies they haven't won yet.

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