Bids & RFQ Specs

This article will walk through finding bids and RFQs. This will be helpful when finding more information on how an agency writes their scope-of-work/bid specs.

Starting a New Search
Enter your product or service in the search bar.

Click the 'SEARCH' button to the right of your product or service.

The search will begin to load the results that match with your product or service.

Displaying Each bid & RFQ
Below the search bar, your results will be displayed. In this article, we will only focus on the "Bids & RFQ Specs" module. Click on 'SEARCH BIDS & RFQS' to display each bid.

Reviewing Results
You will now be brought to a search that displays each of the results matching with your keyword.

You may also use filters to better refine your search. There are many filters, but the most popular ones are displayed while searching:

Any number of filters can be used simultaneously. If too many results appear in your search, these filters can help bring up more relative results.

Once you are done making changes to your search, the ‘RESULTS’ section will detail every bid that matches your search. By default, this will display open bids, starting with the ones that close soonest.

Pro Tip: Some bids may be more detailed than others. Bids that have ‘Files’ associated to them typically have more information than ones that do not.
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