Creating A Zap

To create a zap, you will need access to your Zapier account, and your GovSpend login credentials. Once a zap is created and turned on, you should not need to repeat this process, unless you are creating an entirely new zap.

Getting Started

In your Zapier account, go to the 'Zaps' tab in the left navigation menu.

Your list of zaps will now be displayed. Click on the 'Create Zap' button towards the middle of the screen.

This will take you to a page where you can start creating your new zap. Towards the top left of the page, start by naming the zap.

Below, you will see "1. When this happens..." Search for "GovSpend" and select the app.

"Choose Trigger Event" will now be displayed. Click on the dropdown and select which event you would like to start this zap. Press 'Continue' when finished.

Next is "Choose Account". If you have not already, you will be prompted to sign into your GovSpend account through Zapier. Once done, select your account in the dropdown. Press 'Continue' when finished.

Please note: You will need to create an API key within GovSpend to log into your account. To create an API key, please click on this link to learn more.

The GovSpend app is now setup. Afterwards, scroll down and click on the "2. Do this" field. Search for the app that you would wish to send data from GovSpend to.

The last step is to customize the app you chosen to send data to. Once done, all that is left is to turn your zap on. Scroll down to the bottom to the page, or, simply click on the toggle at the very bottom of your screen.

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