Duplicating a Saved Search

The article will guide you on how to duplicate your saved searches. Duplicating saved searches will allow you to make changes to the duplicated saved search without altering the original saved search.

Start Duplicating

Move your cursor to the left side of the screen to open the navigation menu. Then, click on 'Saved Searches.'

Locate the saved search you wish to duplicate.
Pro Tip: If your account has a lot of searches, use the 'Name' filter to easily locate your search by name.

Click on the 'paper' icon to the right of the search's name to duplicate it.

You will now see a new saved search titled "copy of (name of your search.)" If you do not see it on your screen, use the 'Name' filter to search for it.

Pro Tip: You can change the name of the duplicated saved search by clicking on the 'pencil' icon to the right of the search.

Making Changes

Click on "copy of (name of your search.)"

Use the filters to make changes to your search.

For more information on search filters, open this link in a new tab.

Finally, click 'save' to update your changes to the search.
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