Excluding Search Results

In some cases, your search may display results that either do not match with what you are searching for, or you would like to simply make the search more specific. Filters in each of your searches allow you to remove results that are not needed in your search.

Start Excluding

While you are in your search, locate the "filters" section on the left-hand side.

The "Title or Description Does not Contain" filter can be used to remove keywords that are causing unwanted results in your search.

By default, other filters will include results based on what you selected. However, you may click on 'exclude' towards the top of the filter to remove what you select.

The following filters support the 'exclude' feature:
Agency Name
Agency State
Agency Type
Agency County
Company Name

Once you are done making changes to the filters, click on 'Apply Filter' while reviewing the filters, or, click on 'Search' towards the top right of the page.

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