Generating the 1806 Report & Exporting Results

This article is for use by PTAC clients, and will explain how to generate the 1806 report. This will also detail how to export the information from GovSpend.

Note: Prior to beginning the steps below, ensure that you have the companies needed to find results for.

Generating the 1806 Report

After Logging into GovSpend, hover your cursor over the navigation menu on the left-hand side. Then, select ‘Spending & POs.’

Next, the search will need to be changed from finding items to companies. Below, you will see a search box. To the right, click on the drop down and select ‘COMPANIES.’

In the search box, enter the names of the companies (any number of company names can be added here.)

NOTE: If you are searching for a company that has more than one word, click the name of the company, and a dropdown menu will appear. Next, select ‘EXACT.’ Choosing exact removes other companies with similar spellings and only displays companies as entered.

Towards the left-hand side of the search, you will see the ‘filters’ section. Select the ‘Date’ filter, then enter the dates desired. There are two ways to select a date.

The ‘exact’ date filter displays a purchase order created in a specific timeframe. For example, November 12th, 2018 to June 10th, 2019, will show purchase orders dated in that date range.

The ‘rolling’ date filter will show purchase orders based on the period selected. For example, the selection of ‘last 12 months’ updates daily to show purchase orders dated within the last 365 days.

The next step will explain how to add a filter for company sales, based on the company location. Scroll down towards the bottom of the filters section and select ‘ADD CUSTOM FILTER.’

A pop-up will appear. Copy and paste Company State and select the option referenced in the photo below.

NOTE: You can also use the options below the search box to find the same options:
Select ‘Vendor’
Select ‘State’
It is recommended to use the search box instead of selecting the individual options because this technique takes more time.

Once the filter is added to your search, select which state(s) to be included in the report by clicking the box to the immediate left of the state.

Select the ‘refresh’ icon next to the filter to load the results.

Save the search by pressing the ‘SAVE’ tab to the right of the ‘SEARCH’ button. Next, you will be required to enter a name for the search, then press ‘save’ again.
Step 1:

Step 2:

NOTE: The search name of ‘1806 report’ is for illustration purposes only. The name can be anything, as long as you remember the name when exporting the report.

Exporting the 1806 Report

The next steps will explain exporting the ‘1806 Report’. In this report, you will find valuable information, such as agency and company names, purchase order amounts and descriptions, purchase dates, and much more.

Hover your cursor over the navigation menu on the left-hand side. Then, select ‘saved searches.’

Once you are viewing your saved searches, select the arrow under the search name that you wish to export the information for.

A pop-up called ‘CREATE EXPORT’ will appear on your screen. Ensure that ‘Purchase Orders’ is selected, then select ‘SAVE.’

After selecting ‘SAVE,’ you should be taken directly to the ‘EXPORTS’ page. This can also be found by selecting the ‘EXPORTS’ tab from your saved searches.

From this page, you will see each export file that has been created under your company account. Locate the name, in this example, ‘1806 Report’ from the listed results, then select ‘Download File.’

Once all of the above steps have been completed, the 1806 report will be saved to your computer with a file extension of a .CSV, which is a comma separated variable file, This file is opened using a standard spreadsheet application on your computer for editing purposes.
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