Lists vs Saved Searches

This article will detail the relationship and differences between lists and saved searches.

Please note: Before you can create a list, you must have a saved search that contains the information you need.

Start with a Saved Search

Saved searches are designed to make returning to your purchases, competitors, bids, and more easier than recreating a search entirely. To create a saved search, you must have a premium license to GovSpend. You will know if you have a premium license if you are able to create spending / bid searches on your account. More information on editing permissions will be linked here. To learn more about permissions, click here.

Another great perk to having saved searches is you can manage email alerts for saved searches. If one of your saved searches were to get new purchases or bids, you can receive emails notifying about the new results in your search. this makes keeping up with your searches easier. Managing saved searches will be linked here.

If you have exporting (premium) permissions, you can download results from a search to your computer. This makes sharing information in GovSpend to others that do not have an account easy. To learn how to create an export, click here.

Using Lists

Lists are used to evaluate and keep track of leads. Users on your account can use the same list to assign leads to themselves or colleagues. They also allow you to set statuses for the lead, like "closed won."

The best part about lists is that you do not need to be a licensed user to use a list. A non-licensed user that cannot create or review a saved search could use a list to look at purchases, bids, contacts, etc.

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