Managing Your Users

Admin users with premium accounts can invite new users to GovSpend.

Once you've logged into your account, click on 'Account' in the top right hand corner of GovSpend.

This will open a new navigation menu. Click on 'Users'.

This will open up your users page. You will be able to see a list of all your users along with a filter bar on the left side. Above the list of users on the right side is your "invite user" button.

Clicking this will open a pop up requesting the new user's email so that they can be sent a signup invitation email.

Re-sending Invitations

If a user did not accept the invite to join GovSpend, click on 'Re-send Invite' on the left side of the user.

Please note: This button will only be displayed if the user did not accept their invitation. If it is there, the invitation will be sent to the email associated with their GovSpend account.

Editing and Removing Users

Account Admins will be able to manage a user's role on this page as well.

Click 'Actions' to the left of the user.

Make any necessary changes to a user's role.

You also have the option to "Remove" a user.

Please note: Once a user is deleted, you may add them back using the "Invite User" option.
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