Monthly and Bulk Exports

This article will go over evaluating your available exports.

Please note: To learn how to create an export, click here.

There are two currencies for exports:

Monthly - This amount replenishes every month. Example: If you receive 5,000 exports monthly, then you use 2,000, the amount will be reset to 5,000 at the beginning of the next month.
Bulk - This amount is a static number, and does not replenish when used. Bulk exports will be used before monthly exports.

Locating your Available Exports

To view the amount of exports that you have available, hover your cursor over the bar on the left, then select ‘Exports.’

This will take you to your export files, if any have been created. If none have been yet, the results will be blank. Toward the right-hand side, you will see your available amount of exports.
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