Premium vs Basic Users

This article will highlight both types of users and the permissions that they have. To learn how to add new users, click here.

Premium Users
A premium user has exclusive access to any aspect of GovSpend that is purchased with your subscription. Purchased sections include:
Spending & POs
Bids & RFPs
Co-ops & Contracts

Please note: Premium users are distributed via licenses. To review the number of available user licenses, head over to the 'Users' tab in GovSpend.

In addition, premium users will have full access to included sections within GovSpend. Modules including Saved Searches, Quote Requests, Lists, Tasks, Notifications, and the help center are available. A premium user can also invite new users to their account.

Basic Users
A basic user has the ability to create and submit quotes to agencies using the 'Quote Requests' tab. Basic users also have access to view already created lists by premium users. Basic users will not have access to premium features because a basic user can be added to an account at no additional cost. This is deemed helpful, because information about a purchase, bid, etc. can be shared by premium users by using the "lists" feature in GovSpend.

Though basic users do not have the ability to invite other users to an account, they can still change their sign-in credentials if needed.

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