Reviewing Lists

Lists are used to create a list of leads, competitors, or bids that mean the most to you. You can easily distribute information to other colleagues by assigning them to a list.

Types of Lists

There are three types of lists; Bids, Agency, and Company. A list will be created based on what types of opportunities you are searching for. lists are run on saved searches.

At the top of your open list, you will see a status bar with the name of the list, it's classification as either a bid, agency, or company type.

List Status

There is also a count of the "Suggested" "Open" "Closed Won" "Closed Lost" Opportunities listed in the List. As you work on opportunities you can change to status to keep track of your work.


Below this is your list of opportunities that have been found and aggregated into the list for your team to pursue. You can assign an owner who is responsible for the individual opportunity.

Please note: Each opportunity will have "Select Assignee" chosen by default.

View Details

Click on the agency, purchase, or bid to see the actionable data for you and your team to start leveraging to win.

There is a list of contacts with agency name, employee name, title, email, and phone number. Leave notes for yourself or your coworkers and create tasks to keep track of the leads you are pursuing.


The left-hand side bar is our powerful filter tool to help you sort through all of your opportunities quickly to find the exact ones you want to see.

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