Shop Local

This article will detail how to search for purchases in your area.

Starting a New Search

Enter your product or service in the search bar.

Click the 'SEARCH' button to the right of your product or service.

The search will begin to load the results that match with your product or service.

Finding Purchases Near You

Click on "Search Suppliers" to review your results.

In the 'Filters' section, click on "Add Custom Filter" below the filters.

In the new search bar, type in "agency location" and select the provided option.

Now that the filter appears on the left side of your screen, enter in the number miles away purchases should be from and your address.

Once these have been entered, click "Apply Filter" to load your new results.

Reviewing Results

Towards the middle of your screen, you will see each company that matches with your keywords and filters. You may then click "Sales" to the right of each company to view their sales.

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