Tagging Items In GovSpend

Using Zapier, you may be required to tag a purchase, bid, or contact to send data from GovSpend to another software. This article will discuss how to tag an item and where you can tag items.

How To Tag

To tag an item, you will need to find the "Tags & Notes" fields located across GovSpend. Tag fields are free-form, meaning that you can name a tag whatever you like. For example: If John Doe wants to tag something, he can simply use "John" as the tag.

Please Note: Once you have created your tag, click 'Save Tags & Notes'. This will allow you zap to start sending data.

Tagging Purchases (POs)

To tag a purchase, click on the description of a purchase to open a copy of the PO.

The purchase will now be displayed on your screen. Towards the top right of your screen, locate the tags field and enter the name of your tag.

Tagging Bids

To tag a bid, click on the description of a bid to view the details.

Scroll down until you are below the details of the bid. There, you will see the tags and notes field.

Tagging Contacts

To tag a contact, click on the contact name to view their details.

Below the "Contact Profile" section, click on 'Tags & Notes'.

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