Using Tags

Tags will help you organize your playbooks and saved searches. You can use the organization name, your name, a project name, etc. This allows you to sort playbooks and saved searches quickly and efficiently.

Tagging a List

Open up your saved lists page where all of your playbooks are listed. On the right-hand side of each individual list, click the "Actions" button.

Click "edit tags" to open a dialogue box where you can add any tags to your list.

Tagging a Saved Search

Open up your saved searches page where all of your searches are listed. Click the "pencil" icon to the right of the name of the saved search.

Enter the name of your tags in the "Tags" section.

Filtering your Tags

To the left of your lists and saved searches is a filters bar. Click on 'Tags' to add or exclude keywords to find the results you want quickly. This makes sharing playbooks and saved searches easier.

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