Viewing Bid Details

Opening a Bid

Click on the link under the 'Description' column to open the bid.

You will then be taken into the bid. Information may include purchasing details, contact information, files, and much more.

Please note: Information varies greatly between bids. Since we collect bids directly from the sources, each agency will format their bids differently. We do not manipulate this data, but we will provide as much information as possible that is available. This also means that if the bid contains an attachment, we do provide a link to the attachment.

Tags, Notes, Tasks, and Lists

Towards the tops right of the bid, four buttons will be displayed. Click on either of these buttons to open a new menu.

In this new menu, you can choose to add this bid to a list, assign yourself a task, add any notes you need about the bid, and tag the bid if needed.

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