Viewing Company Profiles

Opening a Company Profile

Throughout the app, anytime a company name is displayed in blue text, you can click the company name and be brought to that company's profile page.

The first section will display the company's name, along with "quick stats" about the company's sales. You can also add tags and notes to an agency profile. These tags are searchable.


If you would like a reminder for the bid to your or any of your GovSpend users, you can setup a task. By setting a due date, this task will appear in the "All Tasks" view located in left navigation menu.

Pro Tip: Create a task even if you are going to immediately complete the task after creation. You can use this as a way to log which agencies you've investigated, contacted, or pursued.

The next section contains tabs with multiple tables:

The Purchases tab displays a table of sales/line items for the company.
The Locations tab displays locations for the company.
The Contacts tab displays contacts for the company.
The Analytics tab contains charts and data about the company's sales.

Multiple Companies exist on a Company Profile

In some cases, you may see the same company spelt in different ways (Example: Apple, Inc & Apple Computer, Inc.) When this happens, our tool will group them together for easier viewing.
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