Viewing Purchase Order Details

Clicking a purchase will display the details page. The format for a purchase in GovSpend is generally the same for each one. However, you will see variances of information depending on many factors.

At the top of every PO is a summary section containing:

Purchase Order #
Purchase Order total dollar amount
Agency name and details (the buyer)
Company name and details (the seller)
Purchase Order date issued

You'll also notice a section to add notes and tags. Tags can be searched using a custom filter whereas notes are any notes you wish to save on this PO for later reference.

Line Items Table

The next section contains a table of all the items on the PO. This table will display what the agency stated they purchased.

Please note: Just as before, levels of detail will vary, depending on what was provided with the purchase.

Underneath this section may be other smaller detailed sections about the PO. These, however, are less common.


The last section is tasks. You can use this to create and manage tasks related to PO. This is a great tool if you'd like to remind yourself or someone on your team to follow-up or research the PO later.

Pro Tip: You may also want to consider creating a task and immediately completing it if you already took action on it. This will help keep you or your teammates from doing duplicate work.
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